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Mile High! What's up! It's SLiM! Who?!! Right? No? we go! My name is Senen, everyone calls me SLiM and I'm Puerto Rican. Which means I was born in New York City of course! You saw that coming right? At 2 years old we moved to San Francisco, and I grew up there til I moved to Denver in 2001! And man....THIS IS HOME! So I'm named after my father and my grandfather...which makes me SLiM the 3rd! Actually...not really. They all call me Adam. Are we confused yet? I am!

I have two dogs, named Wasabi and Bacon! Wasabi was a foster dog that I was supposed to keep for 10 days....and we are approaching 10 years. Somehow we just can't separate. And there is Bacon. Do you love Bacon? I love Bacon! And therefore....his name is Bacon! Find us at Cherry Creek Dog Park EVERY weekend!

Catch me ALL OVER the Mile High! It's too beautiful to stay inside and miss the glory of Colorado! Wanna join me for a hike! We should have a hiking group, man that would be dope!!! Leave that right here for ya'll to think about. Also catch me buying too many comic books at Mile High Comic, or thrift shopping for collectibles at Arc Thrift Store. Oh...and ask me about my 80s thru 2000s video game collection, toy collection, arcade games and random memorabilia...oh....and how I got a copy of the Denver Post from JFK's assassination.

I'm just here walking the path of faith. I spent so many years running away from the many times God has called me, or ignoring the times he has led me to great things. My life has made some big changes in the last few years, and now its time for to listen, to acknowledge, to praise and to share! So let me grow with you! Sometimes I'll fail and fall in front of you, but always get back up and do it again for God! Can I get a Woooo! Oh yea...I really like professional wrestling.