Tony V

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3 PM - 7 PM

Straight from the barrio, they call me Mario! Just kidding, they called me Manuel, but I disliked that name, so people call me Tony. It’s my middle name. That’s how Tony V came to be. Can you tell I like to write in the form of rhyme? Ok I’m wasting time!

I’m basically a Denver Native. I’ve been here since I was three months old, when my family moved from a small ranching town in Texas. I’m married to my amazing super wife and best friend Amy! We are going on 30 years; we’ve been together for 35. I had to beg her (and trick her) to marry me until she finally gave in. It’s amazing what constant groveling will do! After God, I’m all about my family. My daughter Dene (and her husband Mike), Adriann (and her husband Ashton), my son Elijah (and his fiancé Kaitlyn), and my grandkids Jaden, Liam (Dene’s boys) and Lainey Mae (Adriann’s daughter) are my world. Hope that made sense!

Anyway…. The Kids are out of the house, so you know what that means…. We got puppies! Yes, we have two Aussie-doodles, Emmet Brickowski and Lucy (Wyldstyle)! They were both named after the main characters from the Lego Movie because if you’ve seen the movie, you would understand our dogs’ personalities.

I love all Mile High City Sports. Go Nuggets, Broncos, AVS, Rapids and Rockies! I’ve always wanted to be a baller, shot caller… Ayee calm down! I’m talking in the basketball sense! My tribe and I are a basketball family first and we spend our time coaching all year round. My son and I run an AAU Basketball Club called BoxState Basketball. (I like to call it BoxState Ballers) We currently coach three teams, and we are experiencing rapid growth. Anyone want to help us? Go Ballers!

If you’re reading this, it’s a miracle! No really! The reason I’m on the air and programming this radio station is because of GOD’s true calling. If it wasn’t, I’d be telling you: “I love hiking and taking long walks in the park”, but I don’t have time for that. Thank you, God, because, I love your plan and eating food, while not having to go hiking or take long walks in the park.